The jacket that no one wanted. (Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash)

January has whizzed by. There was a Covid lockdown, a spooky quiet New Year, a frantic push to get to my father-in-law’s memorial service, and a mish-mosh of unsettled thoughts regarding the rather shitty start to the new year.

The one thing that has remained on track however is my shopping ban for 2021. In my original post I promised three things:

  1. To write about how I’ve done each month. Be it good. Be it awful. I’ll write about it.
  2. To write about my capsule wardrobe. Just a bit. Not too much but enough to solidify my own thoughts and…

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Will I be sad? Quite possibly. Will I go insane? That’s quite possible too.

Should it be a big deal that a person decides not to shop for an entire calendar year? In the context of the world’s near-disasters and actual disasters over the course of 2020, no it’s not a big deal at all.

But for me, it’s not just about changing what has become a mindless, expensive habit. It’s about re-wiring how I deal with personal challenges.

As a 15-year old girl who devoured TV shows like L.A. Law and movies like Wall Street and Working Girl, I…

Having a tough week at work? Let me help you feel better.

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I was twenty years old and feeling pretty special. Despite having left home in a huff with nothing but a mattress and a cardboard box to my name, I felt invincible.

I had landed my first real job for a prestigious multinational investment bank and I was paying my bills on time. I got by with one pair of heeled shoes, hot chips and gravy for lunch (a $2 bargain) and a roast meal for dinner (another $2 bargain from the local sports club). Things were humming along.

After six months of job interviews and rejections, I found myself sitting…

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To be clear I’m not talking about a million YouTube subscribers nor a million Instagram followers. What I mean is personal net worth. Your total assets (all the stuff you own that has a market value) less total debt (the money you owe to everyone else).

Now I’ve made some fabulous financial mistakes that have waylaid me on my journey to financial freedom. But it’s these mistakes that have taught me that there is no magic formula but neither is it rocket science.

If I was given the opportunity to go back to my younger self to help her navigate…

Photo by Juri Gianfrancesco on Unsplash

After thirteen years in investment banking I found myself in a unique position to choose a different career path. The world was my oyster. I had thought I would revel in the freedom of choice and I did, for about two weeks. The problem was that too much choice was too much choice.

I remember my very first calling at age 4 was to become a conservationist. Rainforests were beautiful and I was appalled that people would chop them down. The science-based argument behind stopping climate change was a bit beyond me at that age so I wasn’t quite able…

Tulum, Mexico.

No work, no commitments, no debt, nothing but the bag on your back and your travel buddy to keep you company. How did this all come together? Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure.

I’m an over-planner and although I had always wanted to travel I was so caught up in my day-to-day that I hadn’t even thought to start planning a world trip. Then out of the blue I was given the choice of dropping everything and travelling the world, or not. I hesitated for perhaps a nanosecond.

Why the hesitation? Because I was two months away from finishing…

I was a procrastinator from an early age, I’m guessing about 11. What prompted such a skill at such an age? Homework.

If you had given me work to do on the spot, no problem, let’s get it done. If you had told me it’s not due till tomorrow, 9am at the latest, then you can probably guess what I was doing at 8.55am.

At about the same time I learned how it was to be stressed. And from that age things just escalated. Full-time uni plus full-time work plus a weekend job and a mountain of debt led me…

Michelle M Masters

Things I seek - clarity, energy, focus and calm.

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